Multilayer XI


This canvas is an invitation to graphic art.

On 300g paper support.

Dimensions: 61x46cm. Sold without frame.

This unique piece will bring an original and elegant touch to your interior.

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

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This canvas was born from a very contemporary inspiration. It takes up the codes of 21st century art: “Less is more”. Contemporary art aims to be raw and impactful.

The artistic work is located on the superposition of layers. A black horizontal frame gradually takes on a different shape depending on the overlapping layers. Linger on the details. Touch the work to feel this layering work.

This work is a tribute to Soulages, to his “60-70” period, during which his quest for color and material will build the basis of the outrenoir.

Multilayer work with a large spatula requires dexterity. The color display is complex. Each layer permanently modifying the work for a unique end result.

Sold without frame.

Unique model, signed and numbered TC48.


“This series of modern paintings is an invitation to a minimalist design. The harmony of colors and the precision of the lines are there. Methodical and straight. There is a scientific approach.

I work on nuances, reflections and oscillations. The superimposition of layers of paint gives the material another content, a new color. Each line catches the light.

Clean and minimalist, they are all read in a raw way. The play of color and particular attention make it feel the gesture and the rhythm sought.”

Jérôme Peyronnet

« I proudly display this ArtJL canvas in my living room. This unique work was produced by Jérôme Peyronnet. I am super happy with the result. » (Tony C., Alès)

« Seduced by an ArtJL polychrome canvas, I was lucky enough to be able to exhibit it in my living room and the rendering is top notch. Thank you ! » (Julien C., Uzès)