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Jérôme Peyronnet, craftsman, designs contemporary paintings.

Through his original creations, he combines design and contemporary art. Its goal: to allow you to create unparalleled interiors. His paintings offer you an invitation to calligraphy and minimalism. Discover them!

Two currents stand out in your paintings. Could you present them to us?

In your first series, we dive into enigmatic calligraphy. In these works a form of commitment emerges.

My first work in painting is actually a series of canvases inspired by Japanese, Persian, Hebrew and Korean calligraphy.

Through calligraphy, I questioned our way of writing in the digital age. What if this gesture was on the way out? Writing and drawing by hand is a way of defending a skill. Will we be able to write in 20 years? Writing is a bit like giving of yourself. Will our hand still be able to handle the gesture of writing while we are spending our time on a keyboard? It is frightening to see that we forget the pleasure of handling a pen. In my opinion, it is important to safeguard the practice of our scriptures. The letter link is always stronger than an SMS. It is an art, a manual art. An expression of the hand translates our thoughts.

In these paintings, I therefore pay homage to these ancient writings. I made them my own by rewriting them with my own encoding. Each painting contains a mystery to be deciphered. Getting a message across with a code is exciting. It goes beyond the work. There is a riddle to be deciphered. The canvas does not simply look at itself, it questions.

Wood square contemporary canvas TC2_2

Is your second series of paintings more minimalist?

Yes, my second series of modern paintings is an invitation to a more minimalist design. The harmony of colors and the precision of the lines are there. Methodical and straight. There is a scientific approach. I work on nuances, reflections and oscillations. The superimposition of layers of paint gives the material another content, a new color. Each line catches the light. And the transparency effect is exciting.

In these paintings, volume is also sometimes used. You will find paintings in 3D. The geometric sequences are calculated, chance does not exist in this case.

Clean and minimalist, these paintings are read in a raw way. The play of color and particular attention make it feel the gesture and the rhythm sought.

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