contemporary art Black_3_TC1-1
Contemporary canvas and calligraphy Black III

Revisited calligraphy Black Canvas III


This canvas is an invitation to graphic art and calligraphy.

On paper support with black China ink.

Dimensions: 65x50cm. Sold without frame.

This unique piece will bring an original and elegant touch to your interior.

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

Available: 1 in stock

Dive into this canvas in fragments of ideograms.

The approach to reading can be geometric, scientific or simply artistic.

Black India ink is an essential element of calligraphy. The rendering is unique and depends on its interaction with the paper. The precise gestures proposed here form a skilful contemporary blend.

Monochrome Black. Sold without the frame.

Unique model, signed and numbered TC1.

Contemporary canvas and calligraphy Black III

“Through calligraphy, I wonder about our way of writing in a digital age. What if this gesture was on the way out? Writing is a bit of giving of yourself. Will our hand still be able to handle the gesture of writing while we spend our time on a keyboard.

In my opinion, it is important to safeguard the practice of our scriptures. The letter link is always stronger than an SMS. It's an art.

In these paintings, I therefore pay tribute to these ancient scriptures. I appropriated them by rewriting them with my own encoding.

CEach painting contains a mystery to decipher. Passing a message through a code is exciting. It goes beyond the work. There is an enigma to decipher. The canvas is not simply looked at, it questions.”

Jérôme Peyronnet

« I proudly display this ArtJL canvas in my living room. This unique work was produced by Jérôme Peyronnet. I am super happy with the result. » (Tony C., Alès)

« Seduced by an ArtJL polychrome canvas, I was lucky enough to be able to exhibit it in my living room and the rendering is top notch. Thank you ! » (Julien C., Uzès)