Multilayer VIII


This canvas is an invitation to graphic art.

On 300g paper support.

Dimensions: 62x46cm. Sold without frame.

This unique piece will bring an original and elegant touch to your interior.

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

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This canvas was born from a very contemporary inspiration. It takes up the codes of 21st century art: “Less is more”. Contemporary art aims to be raw and impactful.

At first glance, it seems to be a monochrome. But on closer inspection, the artistic work is located here in the superposition of different colors. In this work, the concept of unity does not exist.

The watercolor type paper is very absorbent. Mastering the technique of overlays is physically very demanding. What create an even stronger link between the work and its artist.

Sold without frame.

Unique model, signed and numbered TC45.


“This series of modern paintings is an invitation to a minimalist design. The harmony of colors and the precision of the lines are there. Methodical and straight. There is a scientific approach.

I work on nuances, reflections and oscillations. The superimposition of layers of paint gives the material another content, a new color. Each line catches the light.

Clean and minimalist, they are all read in a raw way. The play of color and particular attention make it feel the gesture and the rhythm sought.”

Jérôme Peyronnet

« I proudly display this ArtJL canvas in my living room. This unique work was produced by Jérôme Peyronnet. I am super happy with the result. » (Tony C., Alès)

« Seduced by an ArtJL polychrome canvas, I was lucky enough to be able to exhibit it in my living room and the rendering is top notch. Thank you ! » (Julien C., Uzès)