Launch of Newave magazine: ArtJL lamps lend themselves to a surprising shoot

Sold to individuals and professionals (interior decorators, guest houses, restaurants, shops, etc.), ArtJL lamps are now also available to the cinema and advertising sector.

So, a few months ago, for the creation of Newave, a webmagazine on art, design and culture, two ArtJL lamps were selected for a photo shoot.

For this session, the technical team stated two needs:

  • create a vintage universe with these lamps,
  • use purple as the dominant color.

In view of these requests, the lamps Astralux and Mini Bouyer were chosen because they correspond perfectly to the wishes expressed by the members of the magazine.

Very original model, the Astralux looks like a jewelry box when it is opened.

The Mini Bouyer is a very elegant design object, in a more minimalist format.

The photo session took place in a hangar at Montpellier Méditerranée airport. The result is particularly surprising, offbeat, dynamic and fun. The lamps chosen have created this particularly sought-after retro-vintage atmosphere. Discover several pictures of this event:

The ArtJL brand is proud to be able to respond to this kind of artistic collaboration. If you are looking for original lighting fixtures for your shoots (advertising, series, film) or professional shots, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to accompany you on your project.

Jérôme Peyronnet
Creator of the ArtJL brand

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