This so special #Room19…

Room 19 HI.Montpellier youth hostel 1

As part of the rehabilitation of the Montpellier HI.Montpellier youth hostel, each room has been entrusted to an artist.

I had the honor of creating ArtJL ROOM in #chambre 19 of this establishment. Since I had carte blanche, I dedicated this space to revisited calligraphy. Theme that is dear to me in one of my series of paintings.

Through calligraphy, I wonder about our way of writing in a digital age. What if this gesture was on the way out? Writing is a bit of giving of yourself. Will our hand still be able to handle the gesture of writing as we spend our time on a keyboard.

In my opinion, it is important to safeguard the practice of our scriptures. The letter link is always stronger than an SMS. It’s an art. A tribute to writing and to humans.

So, on the walls of the hostel, no matter the social class, religion, skin color, age, everyone can decode the same message: we are human.

Composition of this room:

– 2 canvases 50×50
– 1 corner canvas 150×200 like an open book.

All are painted directly on the wall in blue India ink and then framed for a relief.

The logo is painted with fluorescent paint so that at nightfall it gradually appears and fades … like a night light.

Room 19 HI.Montpellier youth hostel 3
Room 19 HI.Montpellier youth hostel 2
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